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A Monthly Look Inside Aravilla Clearwater

Aravilla Adventures!

Out with the cold in with the heat! As the weather begins to warm up again, our senior residents will get to explore and enjoy outdoor bus trips. Nature parks, piers, boardwalks, beaches, the ideas are endless. Aravilla Adventures take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:45pm. Be sure to take a look at our monthly calendar for our bus trip locations every week. A schedule is made to ensure every resident has an opportunity to ride on our bus trips. However, if you or your loved ones see somewhere that you might really enjoy please inform our activities department and arrangements can be made. Family and friends are encouraged to join! Without hesitation, please sign up a week ahead to ensure your seat is reserved for any additional guests.

happy memory care residents at the beach

Irene and Joan!

memory care residents enjoying trip to the beach

Bob and Linda!

memory care beach outing

Aravilla Adventure to Honeymoon Island!

Boys & Girls Club

It has been made a tradition that started back in 2023 to have gender specific fun outings here at Aravilla Clearwater Memory Care. While the men like to go to the bar for a glass of beer, wings, and mozzarella sticks, the ladies prefer to enjoy an authentic English tea party. However, we do have months where the ladies want to go to the bar and even out for shopping! As Cyndi Lauper once said, “Girls just want to have fun”, and our goal is to ensure the upmost fun for our residents. Our Boys and Girls Club has been very successful this past year and we hope to continue our tradition at the end of every month.

senior residents enjoying a restaurant outing

Men only Bar outing!

memory care senior ladies on an outing

Ladies Only Adventure… 

senior residents waiting for outing transport

…to the Bar!

2024 Putt Putt Tournament Champions

Last month we hosted our 2nd Annual Putt Putt Golf Tournament here at Aravilla Clearwater! Special shoutouts go to our champions for this months tournament; James H, Peter M, & David V.

Hosting tournaments for our senior residents improves coordination and skill development, increases confidence and self-esteem, enhances mental wellbeing, and encourages community connectedness and support.

*Follow our Facebook page for Memory Care Aravilla Clearwater, for more fun photos of what goes on in our community as an Aravilla Family! You may even find unique photos of your loved ones!”

Aravilla Clearwater Memory Care putt putt 1st place winner

First Place Winner
James H.

Aravilla Clearwater Memory Care putt putt 2nd place winner

Second Place Winner
Peter M.

Aravilla Clearwater Memory Care putt putt 3rd place winner

Third Place Winner
David V.

Resident Spotlight Robert F.

We want to take a moment to welcome Robert F. to our Aravilla Family! Robert was born in 1931 in Stanley, Wisconsin. After graduating high school Robert studied for Engineering at MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering). Robert also served in the Army for a few years as a Drill Sargent! He temporarily worked at an insurance company called Prudential but then became self-employed. In 1970 Robert started his own insurance company named Fagen Insurance. Robert was married for over 23 years to his wife Diane. Together they have 2 children who now have kids of their own making him a very proud grandfather of 5. He also has 3 great-grandchildren! Robert loves to dance. In fact, he was a professional ball room dancer that loved to go on crew ships just to dance with everyone. He loves the great outdoors. Gardening, fishing, deer hunting, you name it! Robert was quite the sportsman and loves to be healthy and fit. Robert grew up with his very close siblings; Jim, Alan, and Bette, who are a very important part of his life. The upmost special memories Robert carries are the cookouts he would have with his family and friends where they would corn roast around the firepit in the backyard. We are so very blessed to have Robert F. here as a part of our Aravilla Family. Please join us in welcoming Robert!

memory care residents visiting the beach
Robert enjoying ice cream
Robert and friends at an outing


4/2 Ice Cream Outing
4/4 Resident Council Meeting
4/9 Coffee House
4/11 Moccasin Lake Park
4/16 McDonalds
4/18 John Chestnut Park
4/23 Men’s Only Bar Outing
4/24 Resident Birthday Party
4/25 Ladies Only Adventure
4/30 Safety Harbor Pier

Join our Exercise Class with EmpowerME every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 10:30am.

Celebrate April
Birthday’s in the Promenade on the 24th
starting at 1:45pm

Happy Birthday to:
4/4 Marsha M.
4/6 Luis V.
4/14 Rebecca S.
4/14 Karen N.
4/14 Beverly M.
4/16 Sheila S.
4/20 Bob H.
4/22 Patricia O.
4/26 Bessie D.
4/26 Hilda O.
4/29 Bill L.