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Love is in the Air!

The month of Love has arrived at Aravilla Clearwater Memory Care! This month we have lots of fun Valentines themed activities planned for our senior residents. Starting with Valentines Day card making, cookie decorating, arts & crafts, a special bus trip to the Honeymoon Island, and more. Be sure to stay in the loop! Check out our monthly calendar for upcoming activities, daily live music performances, cooking classes, art classes, birthdays and much more! Don’t Forget! We have weekly bus trips, “Aravilla Adventures”, every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:45pm. As the weather starts to warm up, we will be exploring new outdoor locations such as nature parks, piers, and beaches. If you see any particular outings that interests you, please don’t hesitate to sign up with the Activities Department. We encourage families and friends of our memory care residents to come along with their loved ones for these memorable bus trips.

happy memory care resident showing her Valentine's card

Happy Valentine’s from Barbara

Memory Care Aravilla Clearwater making a card

Memory Care Residents crafting Valentine’s Cards.

Memory Care Aravilla Clearwater resident with Valentine heart

Making Valentine’s Cards is so much fun!

Cornhole Tournament 2024

This month here at Aravilla Clearwater, we will be hosting our 2nd annual Cornhole Tournament. Our competitive senior residents are pumped and eager to get this season started. Don’t be late! Our Cornhole Tournament games will be held in the Promenade every Wednesday at 1:45pm. During our weekly games our activities team will keep record of all points to be gathered and calculated at the end of the month. Special prizes will be given to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Schedule of Events:
Event begins February 7th at 1:45 pm
Games held every Wednesday at 1:45 pm
Event ends on February 28th at 1:45 pm

memory care residents playing cornhole

Let the games begin!

memory care residents tossing bean bags

Tossing bean bags is great fun!

Memory Care Aravilla Clearwater cornhole champion

First place winner 2023!

2024 Bowling Tournament Champions

Last month we hosted our 2nd Annual Bowling Tournament here at Aravilla Clearwater! Special shoutouts go to our champions for this months tournament; Marybeth M., Mary L., & Joan K. Hosting tournaments for our senior residents improves coordination and skill development, increases confidence and self-esteem, enhances mental wellbeing, and encourages community connectedness, and support.

*Follow our Facebook page for Memory Care Aravilla Clearwater, for more fun photos of what goes on in our community as an Aravilla Family! You may even find unique photos of your loved ones!”

memory care resident wins bowling tournament

First Place Winner
Marybeth M.

memory care resident with her prize

Second Place Winner
Mary L.

happy memory care resident with her prize

Third Place Winner
Joan K.

Resident Spotlight Jim H.

We want to take a moment to recognize James H. also known as “Jim” as a part of our Aravilla Family! Jim was born in Butler, Pennsylvania in 1940. He graduated high school in 1957 from an all male boarding school in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Jim served during the Vietnam War, 1965-1967, in the Army as a Paratrooper Airborne unit 183. He studied at Cornell University for his Bachelors Degree in Geology then earned his Masters Degree and his PhD from Stanford University with the same area of study. After college, Jim lived and worked in several different countries including Caracas, Venezuela; Bogota, Columbia, London, UK and more for oil and gas exploration. He was a very determined hard worker and retired around 75 years old in Dallas. Jim met his husband, Riko, in 1991 in Jakarta, Indonesia. They got married in 2012. They lived together in Dallas, Texas for a while then moved to Sherman, New York by Chautauqua Lake. Together they had two fur babies which they loved dearly, “Spooky” and “Coco”. Jim’s hobbies include water skiing, snow skiing, playing tennis, painting, reading and most interestingly writing poetry! (Poem written by Jim inserted on the left) He also loves music preferably classical, opera, chamber music and good oldies. He traveled extensively due to his career and was able to explore all around the world. We are so very blessed to have Jim H. here as a part of our Aravilla Family!

Jim resident at Memory Care Aravilla Clearwater
Jim resident at Memory Care Aravilla Clearwater enjoying life


2/1 Resident Council Meeting
2/2 Groundhog Day
2/6 Honeymoon Island
2/8 Coffee House
2/13 Dunedin History Museum
2/14 Valentines Day
2/15 Ice Cream Outing
2/19 Presidents’ Day
2/20 Men’s Only Bar Outing
2/22 Ladies Only Adventure
2/27 Safety Harbor Pier
2/28 Resident Birthday Party
2/29 Steak n’ Shake

Join our Exercise Class with EmpowerME every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 10:30am.

Celebrate February
Birthday’s in the Promenade on the 28th
starting at 1:45pm

Happy Birthday to:
2/3 Jean I.
2/7 Kerry T.
2/13 Helen C.
2/16 Doug J.

Valentine’s Poem


James Howard

Here is a red heart
Fill it with a dream,
And with love to start.
Fill it with a gleam

Of hope on white clouds
That rise with the sun,
And wrap it with shrouds
Of roses that come

With washes of rain.
Add a wren that sings
To erase the pain
That life at times brings

Fill it with a breeze
Blowing fresh and strong.
Fill it with tall trees
And streams deep and long.

And should this heart break,
Certain not to die,
But rather awake
And climb to the sky