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july 4th celebration at memory care Aravilla Clearwater4th of July Cookout!

Independence Day is celebrated annually on July 4th in the United States. It commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. In honor of this holiday, we will be hosting a cookout on July 4th at 12pm. Hamburgers, BBQ chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, cold drinks, and ice cream will be served in the courtyard. Seating in both downstairs dining rooms and the Promenade will be available with live music to follow. Friends and families are encouraged to join us for this special celebration by signing up on the sign-up sheet located in the Lobby with the receptionist, or you can call our main number 727-260-2826 and RSVP. Let’s get together for our 4th of July cookout. We hope to see you there!

happy memory care resident celebrating

Betty and her daughter

memory care resident smiling

Judy and her cousin

Luau Party

This month here at Aravilla Clearwater we will be hosting our very first Luau Party! A Luau party is a Hawaiian gathering where friends and families join together to enjoy the culture and music of Hawaii. This party will be held on July 31st starting at 2pm. We welcome you to join us! With fun Hawaiian activities such as the coconut game, pina coladas and festive snacks, we will be taking this time to learn and celebrate the culture of Hawaii. We will have Valerie, the Hula dancer, joining us to perform here at 3pm. Our residents will be decked out in their finest Hawaiian garb.

luau party at memory care Aravilla Clearwater

Valerie, the hula dancer!

parties and celebrations at memory care Aravilla Clearwater

Pina Coladas!

Sunday Service

sunday service at memory care Aravilla Clearwater

This month here at Aravilla Clearwater we will be introducing a new Sunday Service. We will start off with every other Sunday in July and gradually increase to every Sunday. We will be gathering in the Promenade at 3pm to hear the gospel. It’s amazing how many residents will remember every single word of their favorite hymn. Because we have music at 10:30am on Sundays, our Service will be in the afternoons with snacks and drinks provided to all of our residents and visitors.  Our Service will be led by Pastor Walter from Calvary Church. We also plan to have the Service start with music in the near future. Anyone who is interested in joining is encouraged and welcome! *Please “like” our Aravilla Clearwater Facebook page to keep up with our Aravilla Family. You may even find unique photos of your loved ones!

prayers at Aravilla Clearwater
sunday service for residents at Aravilla Clearwater

Resident Spotlight “Hermann” S.

happy resident at Aravilla ClearwaterWe want to take a moment to welcome Hermann S. as a part of our Aravilla family! Hermann was born in Germany in 1947. He graduated high school in 1964 and moved to Chicago in 1967. Hermann served in the Army as a draftee for 2 years. He earned his master’s degree from Northwestern University in 1991. Hermann retired in 2012 at age 65. He was an international business developer and coordinated the largest protein supplier to McDonald’s globally. His job took him to England where he was responsible for India and South Africa. Eventually he moved to Florida in 2013 after his retirement. Prior to working as a developer, Hermann was a chef in Germany for many years. He was a manger for a flight kitchen and had a passion for cooking. Hermann has 2 sons who now have kids of their own, making him a very proud grandfather of 3. He and his wife Lillian have been married for over 40 years. Hermann’s favorite hobbies include playing golf and personal fitness. He enjoys traveling as well… South Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, North America, Europe. You name it. He’s been there! Be sure to greet Hermann S. when you see him. You can’t miss his happy smile down at the Promenade! Welcome Hermann!

happy resident at Aravilla Clearwater

Hermann and his wife

Father's day outing

Father’s Day Outing


7/2 Coffee House
7/4 Independence Day
7/7 World Chocolate Day
7/9 Ice Cream Outing
7/11 Resident Council Meeting
7/16 Countryside Mall
7/18 McDonald’s
7/23 Men only Bar Outing
7/25 Ladies Only Adventure
7/30 Steak n’ Shake
7/31 Resident Birthday Party

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Birthdays in the Promenade on the 24th
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